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    Work Samples
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    Your business, your organization, your event needs a face that communicates its ideals visually. M. Scott Designs combines innate creativity with modern technology to provide a unique logo that meets your custom needs and markets your venture.
    Graphic Design + Publications
    Itís essential not only to inform but to appeal to your reader. M. Scott Designs will help you grab your target audience attention with captivating signs, flyers, newsletters, programs, etc.
    Web Development
    Todayís society requires internet marketing and web presence. Why should you be left behind? Go digital! Let M. Scott Designs publish your venture to the World Wide Web through both custom design and content management systems, that allow for your own editing.
    Promotional Items
    We also furnish business cards, brochures, custom designed t-shirts, and other printed/marketing material that display your venture to clientele in a captivating way.
    Social Media Marketing
    Social Media, defined as forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content, meets your audience where they are. If they can see your product there, they will want to partake. Surely, you donít have the time to post while youíre doing all that great work you do. Let us keep you posted on various social media platforms Ė Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, and more! Your work is phenomenal and the world needs to see it.

    Technical Drawings

    We specialize in creating vector files and measuring as-built drawings for buildings at a competitive rate.