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    The Story
    We all have dreams,
    --those motivating ideas, hopes, things weve always wanted to carry out. Those things drive us to live out our life's purpose. I have found working in Graphic Design and Web Development to be my dream occupation as a venture that incorporates a life-long talent for drawing and inclination towards art. Over time, its been amazing to see how much art impacts the world, especially in the realm of commercialism and marketing. After all, what is business with out branding?

    I began creating logos in grade school at the request of a church member wanting a design for a function there. Eventually, interests toward graphic design kindled as a high school student who had fallen in love with layout formation and the editing aspect of work on the yearbook staff. They solidified as a college student enamored with the design process as an Architecture major. Further development in graphic design followed, with the introduction of computer-aided software used to hardline building plans and arrange presentation boards.

    In noticing the demand and marketability of Web Design, I became fascinated with coding and the creative avenues offered. Web Design has been a continuous unfolding of learning experiences, inasmuch as implementation of new technological features gained from studying the dynamic trends of the world wide web.

    All in all, design has been an all-encompassing developmental experience. In November 2008, M. Scott Designs was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company that combines occupation with passion and allows me to be of service to people as they pursue their dreams and market their various ventures. Subsequently, my dreams intertwine theirs. Thanks for taking the time to read our story and visit our site!